PROGRESS in ensuring the
transition from institutional
care to community care

This website was built within the project “Progress in ensuring the transition from institutional care to community care”, through which the National Authority for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Children and Adoptions (ANDPDCA) aims to increase the administrative capacity of central and local public administration authorities, with responsibilities in the field of child protection, in order to optimize the process of transition from institutional care to community care.

Monitoring and evaluating the progress of the transition from institutional to community care

The monitoring system allows the analysis of the transition from the care of children left without
parental care in institutions to community care, in terms of four main objectives:
• Closure of placement centers, because any child must grow up in a family.
• Development of care services, alternative to placement centers, especially family-type ones,
both in terms of number and quality.
• Strengthen case management to ensure the quality and adequacy of protection services.
• Development of prevention and community support services in order to reduce system
entries and stimulate family reintegration.

The models of prevention services against the separation of child from the

Service plans to prevent the separation of the child from the family

In the period July - December 2021, ANDPDCA will support 100 local authorities to prepare service plans to prevent the separation of the child from the family. Based on these plans, local authorities would be able to develop and implement – together with other local actors and partners – quality services many children at risk of separation from their families could have access to.
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